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Be the Awesome Person That You Are

Feeling comfortable in your own skin is something that is sometimes way hard to deal with as a human being. I often see people that have this confident presence and can’t help but be envious of them; but it’s not fair to myself to be envious of that. I can carry my own confidence and do things for myself that will make me more comfortable in my body. Our bodies do so much for us, so why don’t we respect our bodies more? Be the awesome person that you are.
Some of my favorite things that make me feel confident and more comfortable with myself include learning new skills, experimenting with makeup and hair color, my tattoos, a favorite sweatshirt, that first cup of coffee in the morning, a workout routine that I can actually look forward to. A long standing debate we repeatedly encounter in the beauty world is the idea that “altering” my appearance like this means that I’m not okay with my body in it’s natural state of being. I know a lot of you agree when I beg to differ – I wear makeup, dye my hair, and design fun tattoos because it makes me feel so good about myself.
I used to be too intimidated to pull off what I wanted, be bold with makeup and try new looks and colors, or dye my hair the color I secretly wanted to experiment with. That all changed about one year ago, when I started trying out what I really felt was my style and let me tell you, once you go purple (or blue or pink or glitter) you never go back. I have never felt more like myself, nor have I ever felt more confident. I let go of my fear of what other people thought. All that matters these days is that me, myself, and I feel comfortable. Embracing my style and what makes me feel like a rock star on any given day makes me feel like I can do anything I set my mind to.
So give yourself credit. Give your body credit; it can adapt better than we expect. Give your soul credit; it experiences so many things that no one else can see. And you know your story better than anyone ever will, so make it an interesting one.

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