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De-Potting 2.0


What’s cooking at Z Palette? Our new Z POTTER!

We know you dedicated de-potters already appreciate the benefits of organizing your makeup to save space and keep your fave products at your fingertips.  Now we’ve streamlined the process and taken de-potting to the next level with our Z Potter, a revolutionary patented de-potting device that uses safe, precisely controlled heat to remove makeup from its original packaging.

This no-muss, no-fuss system takes the guesswork out of de-potting, letting you dispense with traditional heat sources and go high-tech. From now on you can forgo the flat iron, abandon the oven, kiss candles and lighters goodbye, and give hairdryers the heave-ho!  The innovative Z Potter’s specially designed ceramic surface distributes heat evenly to de-pot makeup more quickly, easily, and efficiently than ever.

Simply set the temperature, place your makeup on the ceramic cooktop, and wait two to five minutes. Let it cool, then pry the product from its packaging and place it just where you want it in your Z Palette. Voilà!

Thanks to the Z Potter, a makeup meltdown can be a good thing.

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  • ZP on

    Ideal temperature to de-pot on the Z Potter is setting 3 or setting 4.

  • yolanda on

    What is the ideal temparature for depotting?

  • yolanda on

    What is the ideal temparature for depotting?

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