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Earth Day Every Day

HOME - we’ve talked about this concept before --"Home can be more than one place, it can be a person, it can be a feeling." But on a greater and more universal scale, home is more than a street, town, city, state, country, or continent; home for everyone is Earth. Rightfully so, we need to celebrate our home. 

Earth Day takes place on April 22nd of each year. It is a newer holiday, founded in 1970, aiming to celebrate our home and its resources. It’s a day to give back, provoke thoughts on conservation, sustainability, and how to make Earth Day every day – not just one day out of the year.

Here at Z Palette, we are constantly celebrating our environment. Did you know that our Z Palettes are made form recycled materials and in turn can be recycled once you are finished with them? Another thing that's great (and will save you some money as well) is that you can also buy single shadows, sans packaging, to pop right into your Z Palettes! (Pssst, we're releasing the Unum Color Collection soon!!!)

We even have a recycling program here at Z Palette just for you! If you send us three of your old Z Palettes, we will recycle them for you, and you will get a free Small Z Palette!

Here are some other companies that we love that are doing their part to save their environment as well: 
MAC CosmeticsBack-to-MAC Program: Return 6 MAC packaging containers and receive a MAC lipstick
LUSH – uses recycled plastic to make their containers & has 5 Pot Program: bring back 5 empty and clean black LUSH pots and you’ll get a free face mask
Garnier and TerraCycle – for all hair, skin, and cosmetic packaging: join, ship, and your products are recycled while you earn points for rewards.
Kiehl’sRecycle and Be Rewarded program: Return 10 full sized, clean, empty Kiehl’s containers and receive a Travel Collection Product. You can also be rewarded for shopping with a reusable Kiehl’s tote bag.

What will you be doing this Earth Day? What about after Earth Day? Plant some seeds, recycle your old makeup packaging and Z Palettes, start a conversation, turn off the lights when you leave a room, visit a National Park; no matter what it is, find your way to celebrate and give a “thank you” to HOME.
Team Z

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