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For the Love of Lipstick

It seems like I'm always looking for new ways to lighten my makeup kit while at the same time growing it - sounds like an oxymoron, I know - but with Z Palette, there's always something that you can de-pot and condense in your kit, and lipsticks are no exception!  De-potting lipsticks is such a great way to organize your collection, save space, and I'll admit it's a ton of fun to do. There's something very science experiment-y about melting down your makeup!

Lipstick is the number one selling beauty item worldwide; it's even been labeled 'recession-proof' after all, there's always a dollar or two to spare for a new lipstick, am I right?? But what the heck are you supposed to do with all of those tubes?  Most of them are runaways that have fallen out of your bag and rolled off into the sunset, never to be seen again.  Lots of them meet an untimely demise in the sweltering heat of your glove compartment or car cup holder, only to emerge as a puddle of pigment.  And the rest?  Well, they just end up neglected at the bottom of your makeup drawer.  So, we de-pot!


The process of de-potting lipsticks is actually super easy (but as with everything, practice makes perfect.)  To get started, press the ON button on your Z Potter. We recommend using level 2 or 3 to melt the lipstick. Use the de-potting spatula to cut down about 1/4 of the tube and transfer it into our empty metal pans.  Once you've filled all of your empty metal pans, place them on inside the large gold ring, the warming area of the Z Potter.  Let the pan sit for 3 to 4 minutes so that the product can melt.  You'll know they're ready when they've all liquified and have a pretty sheen to them.  Be careful as pans will be warm to the touch!  Move them to the cooling area and let 'em cool and harden, then place them in your Z Palette.  How easy was that?

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