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Give a Girl the Right Lipstick.....

     One of the biggest reasons I love makeup is because I can change my look to match my mood. When I put on my makeup, I feel like I can be anyone. And not only can I play around with my look through makeup, I also love switching it up by changing my hair color.
My naturally blonde hair has been a multitude of hues – various shades of brown, platinum blonde, fire engine red, pastel pink, “Frenchie” pink (yes, as in the character from Grease), royal blue, lavender, and currently a merlot like shade. Being a self proclaimed makeup junkie, I have many different kinds of makeup; my favorite kind of makeup to play around with is lip color. The thing is, creating these looks requires special attention to my ever changing hair color.
As I’m mentally preparing to take up residence for the day in the salon once again, I have been using lip colors that I know will not be in my color palette for much longer. These are some things that I have learned through my experiences:
  • Blondes- Pinks are a yes! Bubble gum pink was one of my favorite colors to wear with my platinum blonde hair. Wearing different shades of pink made me feel so confident and walk around thinking , “This must be how Barbie feels. This is why Barbie rocks and everything in her life rocks.” When my hair is blonde, I miss my dark lip colors. I can get away with some deeper nudes, but anything dark like a plum, brown, or deep red look too drastic, and not in the good way. 
  • Lighter Redheads- nudes, nudes, nudes! For a bolder look, try to match the red tones of your hair and the lip will POP! Peachy pinks and natural looking colors look absolutely stunning with this hair color.
  • Dark Redheads- one of my favorite shades to use with this hair color is plum or any color with a hint of spice. The purple tones are a great contrast to the deep red. I have also loved exploring darker nude shades with this color. (P.S. I really, really miss wearing a hot pink!)

  • Brunettes- Brown has been a hair color that I have always secretly loved. I tried it, but it wasn't the right look for my skin tone. I have always been jealous of brunettes because I think they can pull off a variety of lip colors! A classic red is never a wrong choice! Exotic colors like those with teal or orange tones are some hues that I am so envious of brunettes for being able to pull off. A brunette can rock practically any lip color. 
  • Dark Browns & Blacks – Some really fun color combinations can be rocked with dark hair. Make friends with bold colors. For lighter skin tones rock the berry colors. For warmer skin tones, deep reds look incredible!
  • Other Fun Colors – When my hair was pink, I loved pairing it with a peachy nude or a pink that was darker than my pink hair- I really enjoyed how it complimented my hair. With blue hair, I loved playing with golds, plums, and light browns. (Lesson learned: retire the hot pink lips when you’re rocking blue hair.) 
Either way, my main rule is wear what you feel confident in, push your own boundaries, and WORK IT! I believe that confidence shines through and is one of the truest forms of beauty. And don’t forget to think like a badass every day.

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