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Glamming with the Girls

Sleepovers. They're almost a right of passage. I love hanging out with my friends; but getting to have some extra time to hang out, especially having girls nights and sleepovers, are my favorite times!
That being said, there's some planning that goes into hosting the perfect sleepover. The main thing I worry about with sleepovers is how to entertain my guests. I always catch myself on my phone or any type of addictive technology, forgetting about face to face communication.

There are endless ways to entertain you and your guests. My go-to is glamming up! Seriously it really a sleepover without doing some glam looks? Who doesn’t love glamming up with a side of movies, dancing, and ordering pizza?!

When I glam up, I feel like I can be anyone! When I glam up others, I can get my creative thoughts on and create super fun and cute looks on my girls. I love how makeup is another way of expressing yourself and showing a creative side.

So, by now you should know that I love makeup. What’s my favorite makeup product? I LOVE eyeshadows,. I think it is the main part of doing makeup and creates the vibe for the whole look. You can be natural, smoky, glittery, bold and colorful…your eyes are a blank canvas.

These are some of my favorite looks to create, using Unum Color Collection by Z Palette:
- Chilly Willie on the lid
- My Favorite Color on the crease
- Private School on the outer lid
- My Favorite Color on the lid
- Tomboy on the crease
- Booski blended on the upper crease 
- My Favorite Color on the lid
- Punch Drunk on the crease
- Black Count on the outer lid, blended in
So, do your makeup. Throw a fashion show. Eat all the pizza! Have a dance party. Take cute photos for your instagram to show off how much fun you had. Get creative and most importantly, have fun.

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