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Go Green with Z Palette


Nowadays, we're all a little (if not very) eco-conscious, it's hard not to be!  We have so many "green" options, from the cars we drive to the food we eat.  But what a lot of people don't realize is that your makeup kit can go green as well, and I'm not just talking all-natural beauty products.  All of that plastic packaging and componentry that's used to house your favorite products ... it all ends up somewhere, doesn't it?  Unfortunately, when those compacts and tubes are empty, they end up at already-full dumps and landfills.  


Packaging, schmackaging!  Wouldn't it be great if we could do away with all that unnecessary plastic?  Well, we can!  Most of the brands you already know and love sell "refill" versions of your favorite products, meaning the eye shadow, blush, etc., comes sans extra packaging, pre-depotted and ready to store in your Z Palette.  Not only did these brands take the work out of depotting, but refills tend to be priced a bit lower since you're not paying for all that extra plastic ... did somebody say win, win?!  You can find a list of brands that carry refills HERE.  There are so many sustainable beauty products out there, and Z Palette is the perfect eco-friendly place to store them all!


As the depotting pioneer, you can imagine how quickly packaging piles up around here - so I take recycling very seriously.  This is why the Z Palette itself is not made from plastic.  Aside from being lighter and more flexible, this allows Z Palette to be fully recyclable - every last bit of the Z Palette!  In fact, here at Z Palette, we have a special recycling program.  Just send us your old Z Palette and we'll recycle it for you - send us three at a time and we'll give you 20% off your next purchase!


We here at Z Palette aren't the only ones doing our part to help save the environment.  Some of your favorite brands have some really great recycling programs - I love the Return to Origins program, you can drop off empty bottles, tubes, etc. from any brand to your local Origins store, and they will recycle them at no charge to you.  And of course, who isn't crazy about the Back to MAC program, where six empty MAC containers will score you a free lipstick (of course, they'll do the recycling for you too.)  Reduce your carbon footprint and look amazing doing it!



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