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Step 1:  Bend back the edges of the cardboard palette that you'd like to de-pot.

Step 2:  Peel off the top layer of cardboard surrounding the shadows to expose the eye shadow pans.

Step 3.  Using a small metal spatula, carefully separate the pan from the cardboard behind it.  If needed, a few drops of rubbing alcohol around the outer edges of the pan will help dissolve stubborn glue.

Step 4:  Remove the pan, and continue with the rest of the eye shadows.

Step 5: Peel the paper backing from the metal stickers included with your Z Palette, and affix to the back of the eye shadow pan.

Step 6: Label the shade name on the metal sticker.  This will make shade reference easy now that the eye shadow has been removed from its original packaging.

Step 7: Pop the eye shadow into your Z Palette and customize however you'd like!

As always, practice *and a little patience* makes perfect!  Happy de-potting!


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