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Induction, Aliens, and the Millenial Lifestyle

“An induction heater consists of an electromagnet, and an electronic oscillator that passes a high-frequency alternating current through the electromagnet. This rapidly alternating magnetic field penetrates the object, generating electric currents inside the conductor called eddy currents.”
I got that first part from Wikipedia. The rest is my own, but will probably just prove that deep down, we’re a bunch of nerdy makeup lovers at the office here in Los Angeles.
Let’s start with the basics. Induction heats without fire or electricity. We got that much, you say. Now, how can you have heat without our old friend the flame? Science. As most Europeans already know, this technology directly heats metal, whereas gas and electric methods indirectly heat metal by creating heat in the object underneath. (It’s ok if you just had a light-bulb moment.)
Follow me here. Everyone and everything is made up of these tiny little atoms you may remember being on the posters covering the walls of your fifth grade classroom. Excite these atoms, and, we know every action produces a re-action….in other words, get the iron atoms in metal to move fast enough and voila, you’ve heated more efficiently than ever. You’ve heated the object itself.
Electromagnetic energy uses less electricity, the surface doesn’t get hot to the touch, and it heats objects far faster than our caveman version of warmth. It also offers much more precise control over the rate of heating. (Very important when we’re talking about $85 highliter.) Think of it this way….do you think aliens in spaceships heat items with flames? While I can’t be totally sure until I can Snapchat you a four second pic of an alien chef, save, edit, and caption a slightly different version for Instagram (to prove it happened, duh) and then Tweet about it every half hour all day until you believe me that I didn’t Photoshop it, I feel safe saying the answer is no. The flame is primitive next to the electromagnet. 
My point is, this is the Millenial Age, beauty lover. The Age of faster, safer, more efficient ways of doing all the little things, every single day. Things like condensing makeup collections to save time and sanity. Or to facilitate bringing 38 eyeshadows on a 2 day trip, it's your world. So, in the spirit of evolution, join us as we venture beyond the flat iron and the stove. Induction is the new technology. Z Potter is said technology redesigned, and precisely targeted to respond to tiny makeup pans (normal induction cooktops only respond to objects larger than 5" in diameter). Because reworking concepts is kind of what Millenials do best. According to Gen X, it may be the only thing we do (come on, I had to get one in for them). So until next time, happy depotting to all the generations.

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