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Most Common Makeup Mistakes

Here at Z Palette you can imagine we spend a lot of time staying up to date on new makeup trends and products. Some are hits, some are…..not so much.  Below are some of the most common mistakes and our personal pet peeves from around HQ. Looking back at high school yearbook pics, we didn’t always follow these rules ourselves, but we have collected them to spare you a similar fate a decade or two from now.
Ignoring the Basics—Don’t take short cuts when prepping to apply makeup. Moisturize your skin. Let it soak in. Prime it. Go do something else. Check your teeth. This may sound like a no brainer but a perfect face needs a bright white smile to complement it. At the end of the day, wash your face so you go to sleep with clear, open pores, and use a gentle exfoliator in the AM to clear away the dead skin cells that regenerated as you slept.
Cakey Foundation/Foundation in the Wrong Color—Find the 2 shades you think are closest to your skin tone, test on your jawline, and step into natural light to check out the color. A lot of people are several shades darker in the summer so be sure to change up the shade of your formula and well as the consistency to match the seasons. Apply with a light touch; foundation should be used to correct color and texture, not mask your natural glow!
Bad contour—A common contouring mistake is applying the contour shade too low on the cheek. Your darkest contour shade should mimic the shadow cast by your natural cheekbone. Blend into your hairline and only extend the color to the middle of your cheek. The exception, diamond-faced beauties don’t need this step.
Blush shade-The tip of your finger is actually the closest to your natural cheek flush. Again, use natural light to test this, and if you go with a bold lip look, tone down your cheek color even a little more. You just want a healthy glow.
Too Thick Lipstick/Too Much Lipgloss—Less is more, especially on lips. Lipstick lasts so much longer when a THIN layer is applied to lip. Use your finger or a brush to control the amount of color you’re loading on. Next, line, and put just a dab of gloss in the center of your bottom lip. Now when the wind blows your hair around, it won’t stick to your lips.
XOXO, Team Z

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