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Mama Said There'd Be Days Like These

It used to be a hot plate when we first started.
It worked like a flat iron (with more surface area), but unlike a flat iron, it stayed level on four "legs".  We decided not to mass produce; in those words that we love so much, it really was just another hot plate.

We began thinking about safety, and along the way came up with the idea to use induction technology.  Not only would this protect your body, property (no table burns, no fires), it would protect your makeup and the exterior of your makeup packaging (for those of you who can't bear to part with the sleek and chic Tom Ford or Chanel designs--art project anyone?) Thus, the Z Potter/SG-300 was born.

What makes the Z Potter different from traditional induction cookers? Traditional induction cookers will only sense metal pans that are at least 5 inches in diameter and they are powered to cook food.  The Z Potter was made specifically to de-pot makeup and recognizes makeup pans of different sizes. It will detect mini pans at 18.5mm, standard size makeup pans at 26mm, and so on.  Fun fact – the Z Potter also has a second mode that converts it to a traditional induction cooker that can heat soups and liquids.  Basically, all Z Potters are induction cookers, but not all induction cookers are Z Potters.

It was made to be portable, so it is one of, if not the smallest induction cooker currently on the market.  We had to rearrange components a few times before we got approval for safety. The Z Potter is both FAA Approved and ETL Certified, ensuring safety and efficiency. Another safety feature of the Z Potter is the automatic shut-off feature; the Z Potter will power down after 20 minutes.
Let’s get down to the facts:
The Z Potter utilizes 90% of energy produced, which is much more efficient than if you were de-potting using a candle or a flat iron. Similar to the flat iron, it features 5 temperature settings as follows, to give you precise control as you heat your precious makeup, no matter how delicate.

1 – 150° F
 2 - 225° F
3 - 300° F
4 - 350° F
5 - 400° F
So, if you have one eyeshadow to depot, the Z Potter may not be ideal for you personally, but, if you are a makeup enthusiast (read: “can't stop won't stop”), a pro, or simply don’t appreciate inconvenient messes and funky odors, Z Potter will aid you in customizing, organizing, and simplifying your life, in true Z Palette form.
Team Z

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