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My grandmother developed breast cancer.  She got chemotherapy and had a breast removed.  She took no radiation, took no pills; in fact, she never went back for follow-up visits.  She survived.  She was 72 at the time.

Then my older cousin contracted it; then my mom's close friend contracted it in one breast, then another; a friend of mine's wife recently had breast reconstruction surgery after being diagnosed with DCIS.  All of these women survived.

I don't want to imply that living with, or healing from breast cancer is easy or always ends well.  Cancer of any kind is brutal, and relentless.  And like any other serious challenge, we need to fight, we need resources; and we need to move past awareness as the default goal and work on a cure.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so by now you've seen legions of pink consumer products such as pink buckets of chicken, pink yogurt lids, pink vacuum cleaners, pink dog leashes (not to be confused with the Pink Z Palette, which is a perennial favorite as opposed to an October-only offering).  Pink is everywhere. Believe it or not, I've even seen pink garbage trucks.

This company gives to Komen each year by donating directly AND giving a portion of our customer-driven Pink Z Palette sales for the month.  We're gonna donate directly again this year, and rather than nudge you to buy a Pink Z Palette for the cause, suggest that you donate directly too.  Komen is the country’s largest breast-cancer organization, American Cancer Society is the largest Cancer organization, and so on.  A portion of their budgets are "for the cure".  And that's what we have to focus more on - getting a cure and defeating the disease.

The goal is eradication of Breast Cancer. How close are we to that? Not close enough.

Perhaps a Green Z Palette next October.

D. Green
Z Palette Prez

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