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'Tis the Season -- Part One

It’s Post-Season!!  I don’t mean football (although I like football since watching the Training Camp series on HBO).  No, I’m talking Awards Season...Red Carpet Interviews…Fashion.  This is a fun time of year for me because I get to hang out with with my makeup peeps, work the awards shows, and see celebrities.
It’s also 4am calls.  I worked the SAG Nominations a few weeks ago which, even with the early call, is a great gig.  It takes place at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, which is a really creative, artistic space.  There’s a nice layout of food when you arrive, and they provide a comfortable, well-lit makeup room.  Common and Sophia Bush were the hosts, they each had their own makeup person; I handled the SAG executives.  The best part is I’m usually released by 7am — three or so hours of work, then I’m wrapped.
I did the Golden Globes this year too, and this where the fun gets multiplied.  They took place at the Beverly Hilton (the usual spot).  The call time is 12pm, and the makeup team — we’ve done these shows together for years — we carpool together; there is a lot of hubbub, a lot of traffic, and a lot of security, so carpool is the way to go.  And we laugh the whole way there and the whole way back.
We set up in a green room, positioned just before the presenters go on stage, for last minute touch-ups.  I get to see pretty much everyone as they go out.  This year, Ben Affleck and Brad Pitt were talking to each other right next to me.  Chris Pine sat in my chair to get touched-up (nice guy), and Zoe Saldana rolled up to talk about what party she was going to after the show.  It’s all very Hollywood, and I get to be a part of it.  Today I’m working the SAG Awards.  I’ll let you know how that goes tomorrow.  Until then…

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