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I uprooted my life on December 26th, 2016. I packed my new glittery coffee bean SUV to the rim and I left small and rural Perkasie, Pennsylvania for Los Angeles, California. At 22 years old I decided that it was time for a new chapter of my life.
January 6th was my first day in my temporary apartment since my apartment lease did not start until February. I unpacked what I could, but what was the point of unpacking and settling if I would once again be moving in a couple of weeks? I brought only my necessary items into my cozy little temporary apartment – a suitcase fill of clothes, a suitcase full of shoes (I called it my “shoe-tcase”), laptop, headphones, and my multiple bags of makeup. Anyone who knows me knows that there are a couple of things that make me “Dev”: music is equivalent to breathing, my hair color changes all of the time, I’m a true Taurus, and I never go anywhere without my makeup.
A lot of things in my life are currently all over the place. I moved for a job that was going to be in my future, I just didn't know when. When I moved to LA, I found out that this job would probably not be sooner, but later. So there I was, in a new city, new time zone, living on my own for the first time, jobless, and panicked about how nothing in my life was certain.
I am a firm believer that things fall into place at exactly the right time. I believe in busting my butt to get to where I want to be. Part of being this kind of person requires me having a routine and organization in my life. Customize. Organize. Simplify. These things are exactly what I needed to make my new chapter a success. And small changes make for big echos. So I posted up next to my cases of makeup, I learned how to depot, and suddenly I had three full Z Palettes. Literally. (<--Picked that up in LA.) Overnight. When I looked at my entire makeup collection condensed into three slim Z Palettes, I realized something – my Z Palettes full of my makeup are currently the one thing I have together in my new chapter of life. Things are falling into place, and now, my makeup never goes anywhere without me.

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