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Why Our CANDY Z PALETTE Is Like a Bra — Sort of

 We have something to get off our chest (no pun intended) —
You know how every year Victoria’s Secret brings out a new, exclusive “fantasy bra” studded with bazillions of dollars’ worth of real jewels? Well, we like to think of our CANDY Z PALETTE as our fantasy bra.
 Like that bra, our one-of-a-kind eye candy (the second in our Signature Series of specialty Z Palette designs) makes a style statement. It too is a veritable treasure chest (sorry), made with loads of licorice, scads of rainbow sours, a raft of rock candies, jillions of jelly beans and gummies galore. It’s chic, unique and just the thing to feed your fantasies.
 We cooked it up to make the point that when it comes to originality and good taste in organizing your makeup — and your life — Z Palette offers sweet relief from shattered shadows, lopped-off lipsticks, messy makeup bags, and cluttered bathroom counters. And to show you that de-potting can be delicious.
Team Z Palette

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