Inside Z Palette

DomeWe believe makeup should be organized.  So you can see it.  So you can get to it.  So you can find it.
So you don’t waste it.  So you can use it.  So you can love it.
So you can start your day or start your night with it.
So you can take it with you.
Life is chaotic.  Your makeup shouldn’t be. 

 De-potterThe Z Palette is a product that was invented out of one makeup artist’s genuine need to lighten her kit.  That product opened us up to the wonders of makeup organization and customization.  Here now was a way to put all your favorites, and nothing but, securely and economically in your makeup kit, travel bag, and bathroom drawer.
So we wanted to go further.  We wanted to make a Z Palette for every need, no matter how big or small, no matter how outlandish or standard.  We produced sizes and patterns, and even depths for the baked shadows, brushes, sewing kits, and hair accessories. 

Spatula De-potting was a challenge for some and it still is.  We saw the broken shadows and burned fingers that can result from trying to separate your makeup pan from its packaging with flat irons and lighters.  So we invented the Z Potter De-potting Machine.
We wanted to make de-potting easier, safer, and more accessible so you could truly customize your makeup with no hesitation and no blockage.  The only other way to truly customize is with loose shadows, which also grew as a result of de-potting and the growing importance of makeup organization and customization.

This brings us to our new eyeshadows color line that is curated by our two-time Emmy Award-winning CEO, Zena Shteysel.  What makes our color line different from any of the other bajillion color lines out there?  As I mentioned, ours is formulated by a makeup artist from her 13 years as Department Head Makeup Artist on Dancing with the Stars.  She’s worked on a lot of faces during that time, and she’s come up with (so far) eight go-to shades that together produce a wide variety of looks.  Oh, and the other difference is our pan size is almost twice as big as other brands.
We’ve got our biggest lineup of new products, sizes, and colors coming in 2018.  We’re on a mission to become the premier makeup organization company in the world.  We want to be the hub for all things makeup customization and organization.

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