• Because you're a neat freak. So what if organizing turns you on?
  • Because you're the complete opposite and it's time for a change. Possibly even an intervention. Shhh...we won't tell.
  • Because you've run out of space for all your makeup but you don't see your purchases slowing down anytime soon. Was that a new package at the door?
  • Because you're a professional makeup artist and your kit weighs a ton. Enough said.
  • Because you're a jet-setter or just constantly on the go, and like to primp! We get it.
  • Because you're on the cutting edge of the beauty industry and you have to have the most innovative products in your arsenal! No shame in your game!

'dee-pah-ting: verb

The act of removing makeup products from their bulky, excessive packaging to customize, organize, and simplify one's makeup.

Before and AfterBefore and After

(WARNING: De-potting is addicting and will change the way you think about makeup forever.)
Whether you're popping eye shadows out of their useless plastic pots, or scooping the last bits of your favorite lipstick out of the tube and into empty makeup pans, de-potting is the answer to every beauty lover's makeup woes.
How can I save space on my counter tops and in my makeup kit? The answer is simple: de-pot your makeup! Think about it - all that excessive plastic packaging serves no purpose. Sure, sometimes it's cute, but it all adds up and before you know it, you've got to dig through piles of plastic just to find your favorite blush (Only to discover you've bought two others just like it and one of them has just shattered to pieces). And oh yeah, all that extra plastic? It's bad for the planet ... but you already knew that :)
Before you freak out, take a deep breath - you can do this! You've come to the right place. No more makeup in your oven, or plastic on your flat-iron, or (yikes) putting your product -- and your fingers -- at the tip of an open flame.

We bring you the Z POTTER.


The Z Potter (pictured above) was developed specifically to improve the de-potting experience. It uses a patented system to heat only the metal pan, thus loosening it from its packaging. There is no open flame, so the process is faster and safer. It's also perfect for de-potting lipsticks, concealers, etc. out of the tube and melting them down into empty metal pans. You will find our Z Potter Tutorial HERE.
For beginners, we always suggest starting with a simple eye shadow until you get the hang of it (that means saving your holy grail, limited edition, discontinued bronzer for later!)
The more you de-pot, the better you'll get - we always say practice makes perfect. So put on your favorite play-list, gather up your makeup and drift away to a de-potting state of mind... And if you're looking for an excuse to have a girls' night in, invite your friends over for a depotting party and makeup trade! You'd be surprised how much fun you can have clearing out that clutter with your friends!

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