There are a lot of makeup palettes out there, especially in the last five years as makeup organization and personalization grow more and more popular. The Z Palette is the original customizable makeup palette. It was born out of a genuine need, not out of commercial concerns. In 2009, makeup artist Zena Shteysel was lugging her kit from place to place, and thinking about a way to streamline it. There was nothing on the market at the time, so she created the Z Palette. We were the first makeup palette on the market with a clear window and an empty magnetic base. We instituted the fold-back lid so you can easily store your Z Palette and save space.

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We may no longer have the only customizable makeup palette on the market, but we still have our unique pedigree and approach to our work. With makeup companies, palettes are a secondary thought to the makeup; at Z Palette, makeup palettes are what we do. And we make each Z Palette by hand. We’ve worked out a lot of kinks to make sure your Z Palette is durable and your makeup is safe. We stand behind this.

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Zena continues to work as a makeup artist. She still looks for ways to organize her kit, and now (by extension) everyone else’s. Anytime she gets an opportunity to work with fellow makeup artists, her favorite thing to do is to pull out all of their makeup, spread it on the floor, and start streamlining their kit.


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