• De-potting Is Life

    Posted on April 23 2018

    De-potting is like life in a lot of ways.  You get something new, or you get into a new environment or relationship, and it's great.  There may be a few...

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  • How To De-pot Your Foundations

    Posted on March 01 2018

    Hi Everyone, We've had some requests to de-pot foundations, so we did it.  Below is the video.  The cream stick foundation tubes can get messy and they take up space, especially if you're...

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  • Fit It In!  De-Pot Anastasia Subculture Palette De-Pot Anastasia Subculture Palette courtesy of Z Potter and Zena Shteysel.
    Fit It In! De-Pot Anastasia Subculture Palette

    Posted on January 19 2018

    This is one of those "Talks Least, Says Most" blogs, where we let the visual speak for itself.  Watch below as we de-pot the Anastasia Subculture Palette with the Z Potter...

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  • Get to the Bottom of Your Lipstick Turn off the lights, unplug the cords, and MELT YOUR LIPSTICKS!
    Get to the Bottom of Your Lipstick

    Posted on January 17 2018

    Hello there, Do you sometimes leave uneaten food in the fridge too long, only to throw it away because it's gone bad?  Do you leave your electronics and appliances cords plugged...

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