De-potting Is Life

Posted on April 23 2018

De-potting Is Life

De-potting is like life in a lot of ways.  You get something new, or you get into a new environment or relationship, and it's great.  There may be a few things that you want to change -- you've gotta move some things around or some people around (including yourself) in order to create an environment that best suits you.  It's much like de-potting, where you have to move some eyeshadows around, take them out of their original packaging, to customize to you.  It looks cool in its original form, in fact beautiful; but you want to change.  Maybe your look has evolved, maybe you used to be into blues and oranges, and now you're into reds and pinks.  

So you go about changing that situation, tailoring it, customizing it according to how you'd like it to be.  And that comes with challenges sometimes.  Some things don't want to be changed, some things don't want to be moved around. 

De-potting Change Eyeshadows Organize Makeup Travel

Some things do, and they make themselves easy to move.  And you feel good when that happens.  There's a sense of accomplishment.  You know that feeling when things fall into place?  It's almost like that really nice "plop" sound when you place that makeup pan into your Z Palette.  That sound, like the "click" of a seatbelt, happens when things fit perfectly.

Then again, you run up against a shadow that doesn't want to come out.  Maybe this is a coworker at work, or a job that you really want that's not getting back to you, or a project that's taking way longer than it should; maybe its a person that you really love that's not evolving.

Organize Makeup Z Potter Z Palette

Well, the first thing you've got to have for all this -- de-potting is no exception -- is patience.  You gotta figure out how you make it happen.  Then you have to apply some energy.  That can be constructive energy.  Or it can be the other kind where you throw the palette and everything with it or the floor or slam it on the counter or even rush to get it out.  But haste makes waste, and that's exactly when you break the shadow (thank goodness, shadows can be put back together again; but this also requires patience, and some alcohol).  

Z Potter De-pot Morphe Jaclyn Hill Z Palette

So you try to get the shadow out, but it doesn't want to come out.  It's stubborn, doesn't see your way of thinking.  It's like trying to convince someone, and they're just not getting it.  So you have to apply some patience, some careful maneuvering, and some energy; then suddenly, after a little bit of time and a little pressure -- subtle, almost imperceptible -- things move.  It's almost as if the shadow (the person, the group) came out on its own, with no signs of force (like breakage); you applied constant energy (heat) but not too much, that's persistence; you don't want to overheat -- i.e.  burn any bridges -- and you don't want to burn any makeup or body parts either (you won't on the Z Potter).  Gentle heat, not much pressure, and persistence -- things are looking good, YAY...

 De-pot Jaclyn Hill Z Potter Z Palette Organize Makeup Travel

And that's EXACTLY the time to exercise the most patience -- don't get too happy, too eager.  You can't go all in as soon as you see movement, you can't get too happy, too fast.  If you get too happy too fast, that's when you rush, make mistakes, and your progress may be stymied.  So take your time.  You go around the the periphery of things and poke and prod to see if what you feel is real.  Where is the pan loosening up more?  Where is this person's/group's soft spot now?  How do I continue to move things forward?  Where is it loose around the edges. Then all of sudden, a big moment -- the lifts out easily!  The group is adopting your plan!  You get called in for the final interview!  Communication seems better for some reason.  It's the breakthrough moment, like when a child all of a sudden gets how to ride the bike, or he starts to listen and not talk back (that's a whole 'nother story).  It's when the person or group has finally seen the light, and the person you've been after for so long finally WAKES UP and sees you're the one.  It's the moment that pan comes out of the packaging.  And you feel great.  But that pan's hot.  So make sure you proceed with caution.  Don't rush in.  Again, don't get too happy.  A good way to roll in life is to not get too happy or too sad about anything.  As the saying goes, this too shall pass.  Keep an even keel.  Then you drop that pan right in that Z Palette...and PLOP!  Nice work!  You just got the job, you just got the man, your kids now understand.  Life is like de-potting.  And life is beautiful.  And de-potting is life.

De-pot Jaclyn Hill Morphe into Z Palette

 Watch us de-pot Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette with Z Potter here.



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