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De-Potting Myths — Busted!

There are some common myths that cause makeup mavens to think de-potting will harm their makeup. But that’s just what they are — myths. The de-potting pros at Z Palette would like to set the record straight and put these erroneous beliefs to rest so you can feel free to take advantage of our simplified, organized, customizable palettes.
Some lipstick lovers believe melting a tube of lipstick to fit into a small pan will change its consistency permanently and ruin it. WRONG! Once the melted lipstick hardens, as long as you haven’t boiled it (read: it’s bubbling!) it returns to its original state. So there’s no reason to stuff your makeup bag with lipstick tubes when you can enjoy the convenience of carrying 
multiple lip colors in one handy palette for easy beauty on the go. And blending melted lipsticks together makes it easy to create your own custom shades.
Perhaps the biggest myth is that during the de-potting process your pricey pressed powder shadows, highlighters, blushes and bronzers will shatter and bite the dust — literally. Nope! There’s no need to say bye-bye, Benefit; so long, Stila; later, Laura Mercier.
You can easily resurrect broken powder makeup and press it back into service with a simple procedure using a few common household items.
You’ll need rubbing alcohol (99% is ideal) in a spray bottle, a spoon, plastic wrap, a spatula (for full-size compacts), or a tissue-wrapped coin (for small shadow pans).
1. Cover the crumbled makeup in the pan with plastic wrap and use the spoon to crush it into fine powder.
      2.  Spray the powder liberally with alcohol. (Some say vodka works too, 
            but we prefer to save that kind of alcohol for other purposes.) Don’t worry 
            if you spray too much — it will just take longer to dry.
      3.  Press hard with the spatula or coin for several seconds to pack the powder 
            back into its original shape in the container and wait for it to air dry. (A full-
           size blush or powder compact may take a day to dry completely.)
Crisis averted — your powders are preserved!
Another myth is that all magnetic palettes are created equal. Not even close. The magnet inside each Z Palette is stronger than other similar concepts, and our clear window is an exclusively patented design.  Z Palette also offers more palette options than ever: flat and domed, single- and double-sided, in sizes ranging from the 3-pan mini up to the double-sided palette, which holds 54 standard 16mm pans. And they come in a variety of captivating colors and patterns including hot pink and animal prints as well as the sleek, textured black that lies at the heart of the signature line. 
Such versatility makes Z Palettes ideal for holding other items besides makeup, such as hairpins, jewelry, sewing or office supplies, a tiny toolkit — the options are endless.
Share your best depotting stories with us via web or email @ Curious about something else? Our expert team is available during our weekly Twitter chat @ 7:30 PST every Wednesday evening. Because de-potting is still the best way to organize and store your makeup.
XOXO, Team Z Palette

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