To Get More, You Must Be More -- ZTV Podcast -- Listen, Learn, Do.

Posted on May 31 2018

To Get More, You Must Be More --  ZTV Podcast --  Listen, Learn, Do.

I've always wanted to host a forum where I could get luminaries in makeup, media, and business together and talk about what they do and how they do their thing.  Now we have it.  Starting this Monday June 4, on, we'll be posting podcasts featuring various people from various backgrounds who are all connected to the makeup industry.

They share insight on everything from how they approach their craft to how they navigate politics in their industry to how they juggle family, friends, and love.  Our first podcast is a winner no doubt; we're excited to have as our first guest, multi-talented makeup artist, ANGIE WELLS --

Angie Wells   

Angie has an illustrious and diverse career.  She is the Department Head Makeup for the hit television series, Blackish, and she has headed the makeup departments for critically acclaimed projects like Mudbound and Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story.  

Wisdom dictates that you "stand on the shoulders of giants"; in effect, take the wisdom of those who've gone before so you can save time and avoid mistakes.  If you want to do this, then you don't want to miss out on this Podcast.  Tune in Monday June 4 and every Monday after.


  • D Green: June 06, 2018

    Hi, Karen, thank you for your interest, no need to subscribe, they’re available on our site, here’s the link to the page —

  • Karen Allyn: June 03, 2018

    Wow.cant wait!! How can I subscribe? I’m a podcastaholic & of course also a MUA.
    Thank you!!

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