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3 Ways We Can Help You Help Us Help You in 2018

beauty De-potting eyeshadow palette makeup makeup artist makeup organizer z palette zena shteysel

Happy New Year! 2017 was a challenging year by most accounts. You can learn a lot through challenge.  One of the things we learned is that we can do more for you.  Let us break it down --

Candy Z Palette Eyeshadows

1)  If you're into makeup organization, we're the premiere makeup organization company in the world. We know this stuff, and we can help you with everything from getting your kit together and the essentials you should have to how to condense for travel.  Seriously, we got Z Palettes made out of candy for goodness sake, I mean we eat, sleep, and sh&% this stuff.  Did you know you can also store your brushes and hair accessories -- duck billed clips, bobby pins, etc. -- in a Z Palette Dome? Very handy for those jobs where you need to do both hair AND makeup.


Z Potter DepottingZ Potter Eyeshadows Z Palette


2)  De-potting -- De-potting's been around for a while, we like to think we brought it back into the discussion because it's a great way to get makeup out of its packaging and into a Z Palette; you can then have your favorite products all in one palette rather than carry around 5 different makeup palettes just to use four shades.  You'd need a big purse to do that, especially the 88 and 100 shadow palettes. Don't do that.

But de-potting can be...scary -- you don't want to break a shadow or ruin your nice Marc Jacobs packaging.  If you can get over these things, you'll save a lot of time and money (HuffPostDe-potting).  Check out our post about how much dough you save simply by de-tubing your lipsticks.  If you still need more nudging, we made a machine to help ease the pain of de-potting.  It's called a Z Potter (aka, the "Hotplate", though technically it doesn't get hot :). Anyway, more here, where we de-pot many brands.

And what to do with all that left over packaging?  Why do your good deed and recycle it of course (except the Chanel one; leave that one so your peeps know the level ;)

Z Palette Makeup Unum Eyeshadows

3)  If makeup's your thing, we do that too.  Yes, we know, there's no shortage of makeup in the world, and there's no shortage of makeup companies in the world.  So what makes us so special?  We're one of the very few companies -- perhaps the only one -- that has a two-time Emmy Award-winning makeup artist as its CEO.  How's that for pedigree?  And we carry eight eyeshadows, a go-to set that Zena personally curated from her 25 seasons -- and many, many different faces -- as the Head of Makeup on Dancing with the Stars.  Too overwhelmed by so much makeup and so many choices?  We can help.  Trying to figure out the essentials of a good makeup school?  We can suggest some.  Wanna know set etiquette, or how to get started in the makeup industry?  We got you.  Want to know how to bring out those eyes, or those lips, or hide the jawline?  We got the method.  We can help you transform yourself through makeup.  

How can you help us help you help us help you?  One of our reZolutions is to listen more.  So please respond to this email.  If there's something that you'd like to know more about, write us back, so we can make sure you get it.  If you're only interested in one or two of what we offer, let us know that -- we'll put you on the appropriate list.  And if you want everything, stay on this list.  Reply to this email.  Put your comments on social.  Write back on this blog.  We look forward to helping you get it on in 2018.




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  • Z Palette on

    Hi Tabitha,

    Thank you for commenting on our blog and your interest in learning more. I’m not sure where you are located, but we’ve got some great recommendations of makeup schools in Los Angeles. First, Cinema Makeup School, which is the school where our founder, Zena Shteysel, went to school. Their classes cover all aspects of makeup and have one week intensive courses to 6 months courses depending on how in depth you want to go. Also, the Director of Education is the legendary Ve Neill so you’re amongst great company. Find out more here

    While you’re researching check out Makeup Designory Makeup School or “MUD” for short. It’s very reputable and just like Cinema Makeup offers a variety of classes covering all aspects of makeup. They also have locations in New York and worldwide. Find out more here

    Thanks again for your comment and stay tuned for more info on our blogs.


    Team Z Palette

  • Tabitha Staten on

    I would really love to know about a good makeup school. Also, any of those tips, tricks or good advice you may have on breaking into the beauty industry would be amazing!
    Im so looking forward to getting all that much needed info and appreciated advice. Thanks

  • JEannette oLiver on

    My most recent purchase of a second domed palette is slightly shallower and a few of my blushes don’t fit so I had to go back to my old one?

  • Tanya Ruben on

    I want to hear more about your makeup, organization, the Z Potter, and how to de-pot my NYX eye shadows.

  • Linda Williams on

    I would like to hear about anything you guys have to say. I am 61 years old but have been a makeup fanatic on my life. I started out by Saving old discarded makeup packaging and perfume bottles LOL. I would love to hear more about depotting as that’s rather a mystery from me I managed on a few things but have ruined a few too so I’m very interested in your machine you have created. I’m waiting to hear from you thanks so much!

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