Keep Calm And Put Makeup On

Posted on July 17 2018

Keep Calm And Put Makeup On

I arrived in Thailand. There were two times in the nine days that I was in Thailand that I thought my life was really in danger. The first one was when I took a speed boat to Phi Phi Islands from Phuket, I was sure it was going to tip over. We were riding those waves like we were on a roller coaster at Six Flags. It was windy and scary. It was well worth the trip though, because Phi Phi Isands were truly spectacular – and I lived to talk about it. The other time I thought my life could potentially be in danger was day two, after arriving in Bangkok.

I am one of those people who waits until the last minute to do my makeup. I am a busy body who likes to take advantage of time. I maximize my time by getting showered, dressed, and I do my hair first and save my makeup for last because I know I can do my makeup in the car – especially when I am under a time constraint. This was the case when I was rushing off to go on the Floating Market Tour. Note that I was not driving, so this was okay!



I realized that they drive crazy in Bangkok but I wasn’t all too worried. I was in a 14 passenger van heading 2 hours outside of Bangkok. I had my makeup next to me in the empty seat. I was using my hand held mirror and I was not paying attention to our van when all of the sudden… Bam! We got hit on the left side of the van right where my cousin was sitting. My makeup went flying across the van. The man driving jumps out of the car and starts talking to the two taxi drivers that hit us and the police, that were there on site. And I was concerned about my makeup! Literally, I was like everyone is okay, I am okay, where is my makeup? I got out of my seat, and they were video-ing, talking amongst each other, asking if everyone was okay, and I was like “excuse me, could you pass me that eyeliner next to your foot”? Makeup is so expensive, and I don’t always remember the brands so I was trying to recover as much as I could.

Now I am back in LA and I recovered most of my makeup but I definitely lost my eyelash curler and I can’t find a good one! It’s really the worst because when you find a tool you like, you don’t want to loose it and I am dying to find another one that I like! I have been to Ulta, Target and CVS and no luck. It sounds small but the small things in life make me happy! I need a new one asap because my lashes are looking dull and straight and I won’t settle for one that I don’t like. If you have any eye - lash curler suggestions, I would love to hear!


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