Pack To The Future

Posted on August 12 2018

Pack To The Future

Dear Z Palette Team,

I wanted to take some time to tell you thank you, these Z Palette Travel Jars are amazing.  I just got back from Ireland with my boyfriend -- who is now my fiancée -- and we had the best time.  I'm not saying that the travel jars are responsible for his proposal -- I put in six years -- but they did change my approach to packing, which may have saved a small argument or two (and kept us moving toward the goal).

 Z Palette Travel Jar Organize Makeup

This was my first trip out of the country, and we talked about seeing as much as we could; so we had to be flexible and mobile.  We had to be light on our feet, and I had to be able to condense things and carry small.  

Contents expand to fit the container; I know this because the bigger the purse I carry everyday, the more I put in it.  So I started with smallest suitcase I have, within reason for a ten-day trip to Europe, and worked from there.  Necessity breeds creativity, right?  And with baggage fees going up all the time, this was the way to go.  So I put together my outfits in a more imaginative, thoughtful way rather than pack for scenarios that may never happen.  Besides, for those "just in case" scenarios, I would pick up something on my trip (what better excuse to shop in Europe and bring back different stuff that no one has here in the States, which I did).

Here's where the jars came in handy.  I was able to put all my favorite products, my liquids and my creams too, in a Z Palette.  This is what I did --

 Z Palette Travel Jar Medium Organize Makeup

I filled my Large Z Palette Travel Jar using the dropper cap of my Stila Agua Glow Foundation.  I filled my Medium Z Palette Travel Jar with my cream concealer, and filled my Small Jar with gel eyeliner.  I picked the Large Jar for my foundation because it is the perfect size to dip my Beauty Blender into.

I put these Travel Jars in my Medium Deep Z Palette along with my MAC/Anastasia single eyeshadows and Hoola Bronzer.

I took one of these on the plane with me, just in case my luggage was lost, and put another of the same in checked baggage (I don't want to risk lotion exploding all over my clothes or leaving behind my favorite perfume or foundation while bouncing from hotel to hotel).  Usually, I'm hesitant to put my makeup under the plane, but I figured I'd take a chance.   

What was the result of this?  My boyfriend (now fiancée) and I have had a fight or two about how much I pack (he's given me an "I told you so" look when the gate attendants insisted I check my "slightly overstuffed" carry-on).  But not this trip.  I got right through security, they didn't have to refuse any of my containers, and I saved space so my bag wasn't stuffed at all.  Also, usually when I get to the hotel and check into the room, I unpack all my products and lay them out on the bathroom countertop; and my boyfriend, now my fiancée, grumbles about having little or no space for his toiletries.  That wasn't a problem this trip.  All I needed was my Z Palette with all my products in one place.  And there was no mess and no damage from the trip, going or coming.

Z Palette Travel Jar Organize Makeup Medium

Again, I'm not saying that the Z Palette Travel Jars are responsible for my engagement -- I put in six years -- but they did get me to think in terms of streamlining and keeping things moving.  That's a good thing when you want to get to your future faster.





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