• To Get More, You Must Be More -- ZTV Podcast -- Listen, Learn, Do.

    Posted on May 31 2018

    I've always wanted to host a forum where I could get luminaries in makeup, media, and business together and talk about what they do and how they do their thing. ...

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  • STOP Overthinking --

    Posted on May 15 2018

      You've got enough to think about.We got you covered on the makeup.  Grab sum Bundle.  Buy any four Unum Color Eyeshadows and get a free Small Z Palette of your...

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  • What About Mom?

    Posted on May 07 2018

    I've pretty much got a routine now that's working for me.  It took a minute to get there.  I've always worked long, erratic hours -- 12 to 18 hour days...

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  • FIVE de Mayo -- Get Some

    Posted on May 03 2018

    I get excited about Cinco de Mayo.  A lot of people do.  Americans don't get excited about much, but they do get excited about Cinco de Mayo, even more so...

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  • How Ya Like Me Now?

    Posted on April 05 2018

    Heeyy!! We have a new website, and we are excited about it.  We think it’s cool, we hope you do too.  It takes a while to get these things finished,...

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  • Stay Current!

    Posted on March 14 2018

    Yesterday I came home after a day filled with meetings, phone calls, customers, social media influencers, and driving across town to look at the newest colors of the Z Palette....

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