Is De-potting Lime Crime a Crime? Nope.

Posted on January 26 2018

Is De-potting Lime Crime a Crime?  Nope.

Check this out --

We like Lime Crime -- they're edgy, they're fun, their packaging is retro, almost like a little Nintendo.  And their colors are retro too; it reminds me of the Jackson 5 performing Dancing Machine on Soul Train.  And the kids love it.  I've got a 17 year old who was just tickled to death because we gave her the Lime Crime Polly Pocket for Christmas.  She loved it and talked about it for 10 minutes after she got it.  So in tribute, we feature them this day -- we de-pot their Venus Palette.  We're sometimes asked, "How could you de-pot the Lime Crime Palette?"  Watch the video below and find out --


And don't worry -- when you're done, you get to have all your makeup together in one of these beautiful new Z Palettes that are just as cool --

We're serious about this organizing makeup stuff; it's what we do.  They say leverage is the secret of the successful -- spend money to save time rather than spend time to save money.  Organize your makeup, save time, and get the good life.

Truly Yours,

Z Palette


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