• On the Job at Oscars 2018 --

    Posted on March 08 2018

    The Oscars is a big deal in Los Angeles. Streets are blocked off, traffic is thicker than usual -- if you can imagine that -- and people host a lot...

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  • Tighten Up Your Travel Game

    Posted on March 07 2018

    Everyone I know is busy and on the go but it feels so good to plan something and take some time to decompress. I am getting ready for my trip...

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  • How To De-pot Your Foundations

    Posted on March 01 2018

    Hi Everyone, We've had some requests to de-pot foundations, so we did it.  Below is the video.  The cream stick foundation tubes can get messy and they take up space, especially if you're...

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  • Check Out These Clever Uses For Your Z Palettes!

    Posted on February 22 2018

    If you're anything like me, then you love a product that does double duty.  I'm constantly searching for ways to revamp old things and make them work for me in...

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  • Find Something To Love

    Posted on February 13 2018

    I remember the first time someone sat in my makeup chair -- I took a look at her face and said to myself, "Oh, my God, what am I going...

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  • In the Absence of Love...WORK! Boy meets girl, girl chooses boy (I find girls usually choose the man).  They fall in love, it's wonderful, hot, the best.  Things happen, time passes, they leave each other.  Or do they?
    In the Absence of Love...WORK!

    Posted on February 07 2018

    February is a great time for love in some instances, and a challenging time in others.  If you're in love, you feel all kinds of sensations all over your body, and...

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