Malibu, Wine and Safari ?!

Posted on January 24 2019

Malibu, Wine and Safari ?!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I've lived in California for almost 7 years and I decided to finally go to places that my friends keep raving about. I live in the valley so I don't venture outside that area so I sucked it in and drove Malibu Wine and Safari. And yes, you guessed right they serve you wine while being driven through a vineyard through acres of beautiful land.


This place is genius!! The best way to avoid drinking and driving lol you have you own personal chauffeur. Of course they have different levels of the tour. I purchased the ticket with my best friend and had a great girls day out. We tasted three wines on the tour and feed zebras and cows. If you are an animal and wine lover then this place is for you!! It's a great way to escape the noise of Los Angeles and to be at peace with nature.

I can't forget to mention the delicious food choices at Malibu Cafe!! I am a huge foodie and I love my carbs so had to try out their mac and cheese which was absolutely divine. But as a woman you need to stay fresh and touch up our faces so I grabbed my Small Denim Z Palette which fits perfectly in my little handbag. It's so cute and portable, can't wait to get more sizes!!!






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